Ljunghusen & Skanör

We’ve spent the first week of our summer vacation in Ljunghusen, south of Malmö. The area is really nice with lots of forest. We stayed in a small cabin and could go to the beach by bike. Not far away there is also Skanör, a coastal town with even more great beaches and a small harbor.

It surprised me that the beaches have such fine white sand – it was a real pleasure to spent time on the beach. Definitely could’ve stayed longer in that place!

Midsommar happened right when we stayed in Ljunghusen and we went to the festivities in Skanör: it was great to participate in this Swedish tradition. I like a lot how unconsumeristic it was: everybody brought their own food and it was a huge picnic without any place selling anything. At least in Germany there would’ve been a few people selling beer or wurst for sure.

Not far away there is a Viking village that is constructed like it used to be with lots of interactive things to discover: create wool, learn how to make fire from the smith, bake bread, search for Viking remainings and learn to fight like they used to. That was a lot of fun and we were sad but also happy to leave when they closed for the day.

This was the first week of our vacation. We also spent a day in Malmö and camped a week at lake Orranäsasjön.