The second week of our summer vacation in Sweden we went camping in the forest at lake Orranäsasjön near Orrefors. Now this is a beautiful lake! We went swimming a lot, canoed across the lake, discovering crayfish, walking through the forest and in general just being a lot outdoors.

One rainy day we went to an elk safari which was a tour with a tractor through an area full of elk. We even could feed them as they got really close. Impressive large animals.

A hike through the forest brought us to Orrefors, an old and small town which is a bit famous for its former glass industry. This time is gone and one can only see the old fabric that is surprisingly undamaged. During our time in the forest and at the lake we made a lot of contact with mosquitos in the evenings – annoying beasts! The days at the lake were worth it, though.

This was the second week of our vacation. We also spent a day in Malmö and stayed close to the beach in Ljunghusen & Skanör.