A Big Mistake

I’ve made a mistake. Many of us did, I think.

Bringing our parents to WhatsApp and Facebook is something we shouldn’t have done. What started out as sharing updates and photos of friends and family turned into sharing conspiracy shit information. It’s sad and disturbing to see intelligent, once open minded people drift into that loophole. It happens like in a textbook and always felt far away when I’ve read about this, happening in other families. Now it happened so close and it’s unbelievable.

The same people that told us as a child to not believe everything on TV now trust any information shared via WhatsApp. TikTok videos are brought up as a source. If they’re still online, I’m told, I can inform myself there. I don’t know what to say. My head cannot proceed with this conflicting information.

I feel like we lost someone.

I feel lost.