A story about winning

Back in November, when traveling through Malaysia, we met a large group of students playing games on the beach on Langkawi. They were quick to ask us if we want to join. As it looked like a lot of fun, we agreed.

The games were like: everyone gets a balloon, make that balloon explode and run like 50 meters afterwards. As they had four teams that played against each other, the team that finishes first, wins. The other games were similar and we had a lot of fun, especially answering the many questions about us.

The last game was different. Members of all teams had to work together to place a stick in a bottle. It was a bit difficult, because the stick was hanging on a rope and each team had a part of that rope between their teeth. So all teams had to work together to finish that game.

“Which team is going to win this, if we all work together?”

“We are all going to win!”

Indeed, after the stick was finally placed in the bottle, everybody cheered and congratulated each other. And everybody got some sweets.

I love that.