Building a Longboard

When I left Ubilabs back at the end of 2020, they gifted me a Workshop to build something with wood at Ärmel hoch. I finally decided on what kind of Longboard I want and went to work!

I designed my own shape and got some wide Bear trucks which I already use on my Landyachtz board. They give some nice flex and it’s possible to pump with them. Besides that I wanted some large wheels to have more speed and so I can ride on rough underground, too. My kids like to ride their bikes and I want to follow them even through parks with that board.

After eight hours of gluing, pressing, sawing, grinding and oiling it was ready — what a pity I had to wait a day until it was completely dry. I’m really proud of how good it looks, wouldn’t have expected this good results from building it myself.

On the past weekend I took it for a trip together with the kids and I’m delighted how good it works! Initially I was a bit afraid of wheelbites or stability, but this shape has just the right size. If you want to build the same: my template for this board can be found as Roka at Ärmel hoch. 😃