Featured in an Exhibition

My Elbphilharmonie photo is currently displayed as a huge print in an exhibition on women in design. If you happen to be in Orléans in France, make sure to stop at the Frac Centre-Val de Loire!

10 years ago I had one of my photos featured in an Ubuntu release. Since then I frequently post my photos on Unsplash and was suprised to receive my first ever donation from a kind stranger some months ago. Thanks a lot! 💛. With currently more than 95 million views and 700.000 downloads, a lot of people seem to like and use these photos. That makes me really proud.

Back in February I received another surprise: a request from the Frac in Orléans asking for my name and birthday to display my shot to showcase the work of light designer Ulrike Brandi.

I’m honored to be part of this! The exhibition is open until end of July — better hurry up to get there.