Free up the RAM!

Lately I recognized that the RAM on this server is pretty full. A bit freed up when I removed the Piwik Analytics install recently. But still, it was too full for too little stuff running.

Who is using the RAM?

This server houses this Ghost blog, my photography site written in Node.js and some plain static website. When I checked the RAM usage, it got clear who is eating it all.

Most of the used RAM goes to Ghost (28%) and a lot goes into the not-so-fancy Node.js server for my photography site (19%). That was too much.

Google Chrome got a bit unfamous for eating more and more RAM lately. As Chrome and Node.js use the same JavaScript engine, this seems to be the case for Node.js, too. Sadly.

Node.js vs Go

But I didn’t want to keep it that way and started a rewrite of the photography site in Go. It went faster than expected and was a lot of fun. Also it was a nice excersise to practice Go a bit more.

Some minutes ago I switched to the Go server and the difference is big: The photography site now only uses 0.8% RAM. That is way less than before and way less than I expected before the rewrite!

What next?

Now I’m looking for a solution for this blog. Ghost is quite nice, but I want to downgrade my Digitalocean instance and pay less. For that it still uses too much. Maybe Kirby CMS is a possibility? Who knows…

Update 2015/11/28:

I switched to Kirby CMS and use a smaller Digitalocean instance. Total server uses only ~60MB now. What an improvement!