Already more than two years ago I went for a static blog. One of the reasons was the simplicity and the possibility to write in Markdown. It was fine then, because I did not want to mess around with a clunky CMS such as Wordpress.

Half a year later, in May 2013, a Kickstarter campaign totally hit my nerve: a simple blog system, based on Node.js. It’s called Ghost and I was quick to back that! But when a system is running once, it’s hard to switch…

In December I promised at the Mega-Retrospective at Ubilabs to blog more in the coming year (this year actually). But having to compile the static page and deploy it for each post felt like a barrier. At least it’s my excuse for writing rarely. So I finally took the chance, used the ease of the Ghost-Droplet on Digitalocean and here it is! My Blog in all new! With a backend! And a simple Publish button!

While setting this up I rethought and restructured my web presence, too! To separate my web/random blog and the photography stuff, I split it to two new domains: This blog is now to be found at The photography moved to

Make sure to update the RSS feeds:

See you for the not-to-distant next post!