The importance of the medium

This week Kara Swisher did an interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Twitter. As it (unsurprisingly) turns out, it was hard to follow this interview.

There are a ton of other responses that hide the anwers. A lot of new threads needed to be started to get a clean start and to get rid of all the other users chiming in. Trying to read the interview after a few days is just impossible. Even for the first question from Kara there is no response from Jack to be seen (check here).

Luckily someone copied the interview to another site with all the answers and responses in one place without interruptions. The interview is completely readable and easy to follow here:

This shows how choosing the right medium matters a lot. Not only makes it the whole thing readable, it’s also way more performant. Loading the complete interview is just 31.85KB! Just loading the first question (without even seeing a response) on Twitter already brings us 2.79MB. That’s 90 times as much for ONE question of the interview.

As this experiment shows: choose the right medium and platform for what you want to do. Twitter claims that it’s for conversations but this made it clear that it is not that usable, even Jack Dorsey acknowledges so. It for sure has other purposes where it does it’s job.