The smartphone is like a Tamagotchi

Sarah Jeong writes on The Verge that she got a Tamagotchi recently and realized that all the meaningless beeping and button pushing reminds her of our smartphone usage today. We got trained into responding and taking care of each notification.

A Tamagotchi is a beep encased in a plastic shell. It exists to haunt you with ghostly notifications that signify nothing. Press button, my Tamagotchi screams at me from morning to night. Press button or I will die. The Tamagotchi, I have realized, is everything that is wrong with our smartphone era.

You can read her full experience in her post on The Verge.

I disabled all notifications except for messages and calls on my phone. I removed endless scrolling apps from my phone or moved them away from fast access to somewhere hidden in the menu. I blocked websites that are for wasting time.

The phone is a tool and I try to use it as that, not for passing time. It’s so refreshing to realize that there is actually nothing I can or want to do with it at a moment.