Thoughts on AI coding

Reading about v0 by Vercel I just had to look up what it’s about. It’s an AI to create user interfaces or just components.

Seeing the examples on their site, my first thought is that you’ll end up with lots of not really matching components.

I guess people will create things with it, but I cannot imagine that you get a consistent, polished & accessible UI out of it.

Maybe it’s like what happened in photography: compact cameras and especially smartphones made photography available & cheap for everybody. Most people are no photographers though, they just take snapshots and that’s fine. Real photography requires lots of practice and patience.

It might be the same with AI coding: it makes creating available for lots of people, but professional developers bring the practice and patience and this will make a difference.

Do I fear for my job as a frontend developer? No, not a bit.

I think people will notice when a brand out person smashes together automatically created things as these will lack the personal note. Building a brand is hard. Gaining trust is hard. Building a relationship is hard.

These are the things that cannot be automated (yet?).