Track everything. Not.

These days everything get’s tracked. Especially on the web, but also more and more in the daily life.

Do we move enough? Should I take the stairs? Should I eat some fruits instead of chocolate? People seem to need a tracking app that tells them what to do.

Only when an activity got tracked, it can be shared. Did it really happen when nobody noticed because it wasn’t shared? Was the activity worth it, when no one likes it?

Adapting to likes kills individualism. Trying to fit most people removes the interesting, the unusual that makes something special. An example is Instagram vs VSCO Grid. Instagram wants you to like photos and people are about to improve their photos to get more likes. That’s why there are tons of sunset and coffee pictures. VSCO Grid on the other hand removed view counts, likes, follower count and so on. The only thing that matters are the photos.

Post whatever you like, not what others like.

In that sense: I removed the analytics tracking on my sites. The last time I checked it was… some time ago. The thing is, I really don’t care how many people read this or see my photos.