The Projekt-Check is a tool that allows local authority districts to plan new areas and see the consequences of these new areas.

Made for the Hafencity University by Ubilabs, the Web Check is the preview of a ArcGIS tool that has advanced features. The purpose of this tool is to play around and plan a new area in a municipality and check the future development and collisions with natural features like protected areas. It is embedded as an Iframe.

My Role

The project is built mostly by me with a Google Map and some data on top using React and Redux. The directions are loaded from Google and the places are from OpenStreetMap.


Select a municipality and basic information of the new area.
Inhabitant statistics for the selected municipality.
Area usage statistics for the selected municipality.
A possible development of inhabitants of the new area.
Discover close places of interest.
Find out whether there are enough roads connecting the area.
Overlays showing e.g. protected areas.
A breakup of the costs to develop the area.