Retro Radio

I cannot remember where I got this old radio from. Found it in a box and wanted to use it. As the selection of old school radio channels isn’t that great, I’ve build an internet radio into it.

It is based on a Raspberry Pi, using a Speaker Bonnet, an EInk display and the OnOff-Shim. I reused the old analogue volume control and on-off switch potentiometer. The sound comes from two different speakers to get the left and right channel and a wider sound frequence.

Setting the EInk display takes some time. Especially the shutdown isn’t the fastest as I used a display with color and that takes some extra time, but it doesn’t hurt while turning it off and walking away. It enabled me to have a nice off-message.

Currently it’s placed in our kitchen and the kids love to tune it to a kids radio station. I’m very happy with the result!

Check out the code over at Github.

Illustration while turned off